The Big Sheep Production Report 1

We’re one month out from our fundraiser, so it’s time to give an update on production of The Big Sheep!

The campaign did not make our goal amount, so a good portion of our time still has to go to paying projects. However, we have started getting in contact with those who have purchased premium packages to begin their character designs. On my end there has been more work with character drawings and on Davy’s, sprites and backgrounds.

Though work on the game may have to be somewhat sporadic, we will be keeping the updates coming regularly and hope to start having more teasers to offer soon. We don’t want to give away too much, but we definitely want to spread our enthusiasm for how much fun we’re having with The Big Sheep– at least as much fun as we hope you will have playing it.

Until next time, don’t let your sheep stray too far!


2 thoughts on “The Big Sheep Production Report 1

  1. Joe says:


    I wanted to say you should try to make the rest of the money you need. It is a great way for indies to get their games out.

    • seventhbard says:

      Thank you Joe! We’re considering doing a Kickstarter campaign once the site is available for users in the United Kingdom, which I think is a change that is coming soon. This time around, I think we’ll take more time to prepare ahead of time!

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