The Big Sheep Production Report 2

Report the second!

We have some less than amazing news and also some reassuring good news. We hesitated sharing things we’re struggling with, because we have wanted to keep MockPuppet Games upbeat, professional, and fun. But I feel it’s just as important to be honest and to keep all of our wonderful supporters in the loop, so you don’t feel we’ve abandoned the game.

So production has all but ground to a halt for about a month now. We’d wanted to be working on it more steadily even if it was just in dribs and drabs at times, but we have had to concede that there will sometimes have to be lulls like this, because Davy’s rocking his last year of his Fine Arts degree, and I am trying to get everything together for my visa to stay with him! If I have to get booted over the pond we’ll still be collaborating on the game but it will certainly throw a bit of a wrench in things so please wish us luck!

The reassuring good news bit is that we have not disappeared and we are definitely still making the game happen. Even if it takes years (er, though with any luck it will take much less than years). It’s a project with a lot of personal significance for us and we’re committed to it.

Thanks for bearing with us. Until next time, don’t let your sheep stray too far.

The Big Sheep Production Report 1

We’re one month out from our fundraiser, so it’s time to give an update on production of The Big Sheep!

The campaign did not make our goal amount, so a good portion of our time still has to go to paying projects. However, we have started getting in contact with those who have purchased premium packages to begin their character designs. On my end there has been more work with character drawings and on Davy’s, sprites and backgrounds.

Though work on the game may have to be somewhat sporadic, we will be keeping the updates coming regularly and hope to start having more teasers to offer soon. We don’t want to give away too much, but we definitely want to spread our enthusiasm for how much fun we’re having with The Big Sheep– at least as much fun as we hope you will have playing it.

Until next time, don’t let your sheep stray too far!

Fundraiser Results

Thanks to the wonderful response of our backers, we raised 2005 of our 3500 goal!

Production of the game will have to be part time, but we still aim to make it the best it can be. Thank you so much to each and every person who donated!

11 Hours Left on our Indiegogo fundraiser!

We are absolutely thrilled with the response to the fundraiser. We’re done in 11 hours and about 1600 dollars short of goal, but even though we might not reach goal, what we’ve managed to raise will be a big help and we’ll be able to make a better game thanks to everyone’s contributions. We’re so grateful for all the amazing support and we will continue to post updates here as the game progresses!

There’s a few hours left if you want to kick in a dollar and get the exclusive background!

Exclusive Background for Indiegogo Donors!

Red sky at morning

Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight. Red sky at morning, shepherds take warning.

Inspired by the classic couplet (research for this game involved A LOT of nursery rhymes!), this desktop background featuring Bo the Peeper is being given to all our wonderful donors in its full 1280 x 800 size, just as a thank you for helping us on our journey.

Previous donors, thank you so much for your support, big and small, it’s been amazing and we’re grateful. Expect your desktop image by email soon. And for anyone thinking of donating, any amount from one dollar and up means you get the background too.

If you love the thought of a hardcore noir detective shepherdess watching over your various files and icons, this is definitely the image for you.

Promo Video

This took longer than anticipated, I admit. I had to use three programs I’ve never used before to put all the elements together and adjust the audio, so we missed our goal of having it up by the one week mark by one day. Still, it’s finally up in all its glory and it tells a little more about the game, including some peeks at concept art!

We have more wonderful things planned so please stay tuned! Thank you as always for all the amazing support!

Sneak Peek

Davy prepared an image of some of the backgrounds that I thought I’d share here. Here a just a few of the places you’ll be exploring in the game:


Still working on the promo video, which proved to be a little more trouble to edit than I originally bargained on! Hoping to have it up some time tonight.

Fundraiser: Day Four Update

Behind the scenes, we’re working on promotional materials and making a brief introductory movie clip that will tell viewers more about the game and offer sneak peeks of some of the concept art. Next time, we will know to have one of those ready ahead of time. 😉 

 We’re very excited about the support we’ve received so far, it’s very encouraging! Thank you so much, everyone. Please remember to share the link around if you can, spreading the word helps us a lot:

Day Two Update!

Welcome, fans, friends, and the curious! Thank you for checking out MockPuppet Games and thanks for your support!

 It’s Day Two of the Indiegogo fundraiser and we’re thrilled with the response so far. Thank you so much to all our our contributors for helping us make The Big Sheep possible. We are honored by your generosity.

Please keep an eye out for our updates. We hope to continue offering some new and exciting promotions as we progress towards our goal, and there are more surprises in store as well if we exceed it.  

Help fund The Big Sheep with Indiegogo!

Help fund The Big Sheep with Indiegogo!


With the money from this fundraiser, the game will be a full-time endeavor to make it the best it can be! This money pays for: the MockPuppet Games team’s food and rent so full time hours can go to working the game, purchasing all the game’s needs including soundtrack, programming assistance, software/hardware, promotion, etc., and if we exceed goal, any extra will go toward creating future projects. If we make significantly extra we also plan to set aside part of it specifically to fund other projects on Indiegogo and help others meet their goals too! 

We’ve got thirty days! Please get the word out to all your friends. Thank you for your support and encouragement!